Revitalize Your Life
~ Ayurvedic Health Coaching with Lisa ~

From a year-long program designed to fully transform your health and address multiple health imbalances, to shorter programs that focus on your single greatest health concern, I offer a variety of ways for you to get focused and STAY focused on changing your health…so it actually happens.

I no longer offer individual Ayurvedic consultations, because I have found that by the time most people reach out for help, they no longer have the energy, drive or focus to stay committed to making the changes they need to make.

As your Ayurvedic health coach, I provide you with an action plan that is tailored to your specific needs, starting with the steps that will have the greatest impact.  Then I help you stick with that plan and get you through whatever obstacles might have blocked your way to greater health in the past, until you experience the results in your body that you desire.


LIVE LIFE FULLY 12-Month Fruition Package

This life-changing program provides you with a full year of the guidance, tools and support you need to eradicate the specific health imbalances you’re experiencing and to fill yourself up again with strong health, stable energy and daily enthusiasm for your life.

This program is for you if you want your vitality back, but the list of health problems is racking up, and you just don’t know where to focus or how to start.

I will show you where to start and will guide you, step by step, toward living the life of greater health and more abundant energy that you desire.

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MORE ENERGY EVERY DAY 90-Day Transformation

This focused, intensive, one-on-one coaching program is designed to get you to a point at which you feel refreshed when you wake up each morning, have a strong and stable energy through each day and have a restful night of sleep each night.

As a natural result of that, concentration increases, efficiency increases and overall momentum to live life the way you truly want to live it also increases.

This is the right program for you if you’re willing to commit to a few vital habit changes in your daily life over the three-month period, so you can have more energy every day.

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IGNITE YOUR AGNI 90-Day Transformation

Relieve your IBS symptoms, eat gluten and dairy again, free yourself from food anxiety and improve your energy in this focused, one-on-one coaching program.  I’ll introduce you step by step to Ayurvedic practices chosen specifically for you to rekindle your digestive fire and relieve digestive discomforts.

This program is for you if you’re serious about increasing your body’s digestive ability and preventing the 80 percent of diseases that can be traced back to digestive disturbances.

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SLEEP DEEPLY 90-Day Transformation

Overcome your insomnia and rebuild your health at the same time in this private coaching program with me.  I’ll identify specifically which habits in your life need to be changed, and in what way, so you can fall asleep easily, sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed.

We take it bit by bit over the course of 90 days so you can fully understand why and how these Ayurvedic practices work in your body, and fully implement each step so that rejuvenative sleep each night becomes a permanent part of your life. Learn more…