Success Stories

“Lisa, thank you, thank you, thank you soooooooooo much for everything you’ve done over the last three months…

Thank you for not trying to be anything other than yourself. Thank you for the safe and relaxed space you created that allowed me to go deep into the issues that were blocking my progress.

Thank you for seeing me, my authentic self, the ‘real’ me beneath the muck, and thank you for encouraging me to move towards shedding the layers, to move towards living as my most vibrant, beautiful self. And thank you for also accepting the muck, even welcoming it, and then allowing and guiding me to let it go.

You are wonderful and I am so grateful to you.”

~ Dawn Osabwa ~ Birmingham, U.K.


“I sensed from the very beginning of our time together that you believe it was possible for me to see better quality of health than what I was experiencing at that time.  You had such a confidence that I grabbed ahold of it immediately.  It was so gratifying to feel that I was not in this alone and that there was another human being who believed what I believe to be true concerning limitless health possibilities.

Lisa, my health has shifted eon light years from what it was when I first met and began working with you…

Thank you so much for everything and I mean everything – my stamina, my energy, my motivation, my sleep and even my HAPPY!”

~ Marilyn Moore ~ Bristol, PA, U.S.A.


“When I first started working with Lisa, I was feeling generally run down and low–in terms of mood, energy and health…My eating habits were not what I wanted them to be, mostly to do with mindless snacking on sweets or other ‘pleasure’ foods… 

Now, however, my energy level has stabilized and I feel a constant, good burn throughout the day with few ups and downs…My sleep has improved and I am not waking at night.

I also feel clearer about what I need to do for myself every day and how essential that is before I can take care of others. (I am home with two small children and do the bulk of housework, childcare, etc.)”

~ Naomi ~ Asheville, NC, U.S.A.


“Lisa has been a golden resource of support, inspiration and motivation for me. The combination of her embodied knowledge, deep care, clarity and creativity has been hugely valuable for my personal and career growth. “

~ Eugenia Park ~ Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.
Ayurvedic Health Counselor




“I feel focused and energized. In my program with Lisa I redefined my schedule, boundaries and priorities. I feel clear with my intentions, and empowered…

The best result for me is the deeper level of awareness and acceptance of the need to be gentle with myself, by adopting a slow and steady step-by-step toward permanent change. The program gave me a solid base to keep me on track and understanding how to come back to it when I lose connection for any reason.”

~ Carol Jamault ~ Miami, FL, U.S.A.
Founder of Hridayam Bodywork and Apothecary