12 Days for Self Care: A Cleanse for Rejuvenation


 12 Days for Self Care: A Cleanse for Rejuvenation

This is a care-full, gentle, guided detoxification for your whole body that is based on Ayurvedic practices of re-synchronizing your human nature with Nature overall—ultimately so you can life life in your greatest health, to your greatest potential.

Join a circle of like-hearted women this autumn whose intention it is to live life more fully by taking care of our wonderfully human bodies. 

We get there only step-by-step, through care-fully attuning to each of our own unique natures and the universal biorhythms of Nature that pulse around and through us.

This cleanse is a perfect opportunity to press the “reset” button with the onset of autumn — to naturally transition from whatever the warmer, brighter months brought to light for you, into the more internalized processing that comes naturally in the cooler, darker months ahead.


It isn’t a one-and-done cleanse fixated only on the food or herbs you put into your mouth.

It’s a care-full, gentle, guided detoxification for your whole body that is based on Ayurvedic practices of re-synchronizing your human nature with Nature overall—ultimately so you can life life in your greatest health, to your greatest potential.

The 12 Days for Self Care include thoughtful preparation and re-integration phases, to help you logistically, mentally and emotionally prepare for your body’s release of toxins.

**Free Bonus** Don’t stop with the cleanse…

Following the cleanse, you’ll receive *bonus* guidance for a one-month rejuvenation period to begin gently, sustainably rebuilding your health from the foundational level.

What This Cleanse Can Do for You

Completing this cleanse can:

  • Relieve chronic or occasional digestive discomforts
  • Increase your energy (for the long term)
  • Improve your sleep
  • Restore your metabolism to its natural strength
  • Stabilize your blood sugar
  • Break the pattern of addiction to caffeine, sweets or other food addictions
  • Release unhealthy old habits and gently replace them with new habits that increase health
  • Cleanse the body of toxins that might lay at the root of fatigue, energy depletion, hormonal imbalances, headaches, recurrent colds and emotional volatility or exhaustion
  • Restore and stabilize agni, or digestive fire (not only in your digestive tract, but in your cognitive mind, eyes, blood and beyond)
  • Make way for more ojas — i.e., immune strength and your body’s source of unconditional love
  • Teach you about Ayurveda — with context provided by Lisa so you can learn deeply from your own unique experience


What You Get

In this program you get:

  • Guidance through the gentle 12-day cleanse, focused on self care through daily Ayurvedic practices, foods and herbs, including a:
    • 4-day prep
    • 4-day detox (with gentle purge on Day 8 of the cleanse)
    • 4-day integration phase.
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow recipes that have been tested and tried (time and again!) in Lisa’s kitchen.
  • Herbal recommendations to enhance your detox process and support whole-body rejuvenation after.
  • Daily practices that will re-attune your circadian clock to rhythms intended by Nature. (Hint: This means you’ll be naturally aligned WITH health—not incidentally set against it!)
  • Support within our Facebook community.
  • *Bonus*: Guidance for a full month of rejuvenation, which the 12-day cleanse naturally lends itself to.


How It Works

After purchasing this cleanse program, you’ll receive:

  • Instructions for how to access the program resources
  • Details of what additional materials you need for the cleanse (primarily recipe ingredients and a specific herbal formula)
  • Where to find those materials
  • How to begin preparations for your commitment to 12 Days for Self Care

Throughout the cleanse (and rejuvenation period), you’ll receive guidance from Lisa that will help you stay motivated, on-point and attuned to yourself.

The Facebook group is also key to the program. It’s a place for you to ask questions, get honest reflections from some wonderful women, call for support, and rejoice or mourn whatever naturally arises through your cleanse process.

Days 1-4: Preparation

Prepare yourself logistically, mentally and emotionally for the cleanse. Transition into three meals a day of foods that ease digestion. Begin daily herbs.

Days 5-8: Detoxification

Transition into mono-fasting: eating the same freshly prepared, easy-to-digest, classical Ayurvedic dishes for your three meals each day, with no snacking between meals. Continue daily herbs. Begin internal lubrication of the digestive tract. Incorporate morning and evening practices to support detoxification. Gently purge on Day 8.

Days 9-12: Integration

Transition away from the mono-fast back into foods similar to the Preparation phase. Reflect on the effects of your cleanse. Prepare yourself logistically, mentally and emotionally for your rejuvenation phase.

*BONUS* Rejuvenation Month

In Ayurveda, the cleanse process doesn’t simply stop with the detox. The purpose of a cleanse is to lead into rejuvenation, which will be more pure and more potent when ama (waste) has been released from the body, agni (digestive fire) has been restored, and the foundations of your health have been re-set in alignment with greater health (all of which happens through the cleanse!).

Right now, as one of the first members of 12 Days for Self Care, you’ll receive a sweet, free bonus to this whole program: a guided one-month rejuvenation. During this time you’ll thoughtfully integrate simple rejuvenative practices into your lifestyle that will sustain and amplify the benefits of the cleanse.

This one month is ample time to fully uproot unhealthy old habits that have worn away at your health over time and allow healthy new rhythms to take root in your daily life. What are you waiting for?

This program regularly costs $198.

I’m offering it right now, through October, for $98.


When to Plan Your 12 Days for Self Care

You can begin this cleanse as early as Sun., Oct. 8, 2017.  Plan for a solid 12-day commitment.

Some considerations for choosing your start date:

  • Give yourself at least a few days of preparation time. At minimum, you’ll need to purchase some recipe ingredients and herbs, which might not be available for purchase in brick-and-mortar stores near you. Easy links for online purchasing will be provided after you purchase the program.
  • Soften your schedule — especially during the middle four days of the program (days 5 to 8), during the detox portion.If it’s an option for you to seclude yourself in a quiet cabin in the woods and immerse yourself fully in Nature, do that! What a gift to yourself!But don’t worry–most people won’t do that. 🙂  Just be very mindful of keeping your schedule less hectic (aim for MUCH less hectic) and more spacious during this time. Enlist your partner or some close friends to help make this happen. Invest in extra childcare if necessary. Do whatever you can to preserve at least SOME time all to yourself each day. This cleanse isn’t called “12 Days for Self Care” for nothing!As part of the program, you’ll get extra help with thinking through how to create more spaciousness in your schedule during the cleanse, and how to stay committed to it.
  • Honor your moon cycle. Menstruation is already a natural detoxification process. Stacking on external cleanse practices during your bleeding days can create stress in the body that adversely affects your menstrual rhythm. Choose your cleanse dates to ensure that you won’t be bleeding during Days 5 to 8 (the detoxification days) in particular.

Regular program fee: $198

Your price: $98*


*purchase by Oct. 31, 2017