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Today’s Energy Feed is something special—a special offer, that is. I’m celebrating my recent relocation to a place that supports my prakruti (unique original nature) and settles my vikruti (unique imbalances). It’s a place with more prana (life force) than where I was previously that offers more support for my health overall, where I naturally have more energy every day. And my celebration

How to Fall Asleep at Night

Okay, so now you know (from last week’s Energy Feed) how to sleep better through the night.  Be sure to watch that if you haven’t already. But What If You Can’t Fall Asleep to Stay Asleep? Following a gentle evening routine is key to priming your body for sleepiness and easily falling asleep each night. This DOES NOT

Tired All the Time—the Ayurveda Solution

When you’re feeling tired all the time, this is an indication that the foundations of your health are faltering. In this week’s “Energy Feed” you’ll learn specific solutions to that recurring tiredness: 1: How to reset your metabolism and your blood sugar levels for strong, stable energy throughout the day. 2: How to reset your circadian