12 Days for Self Care – Members Vault

Alright! On this page you’ll find your full guide-through of 12 Days for Self Care: A Cleanse for Rejuvenation.

Note: You won’t be able to access many of the materials until closer to the group cleanse launch, on Oct. 8. (I’ll let you know when it’s time for you to take a look!)

  • Start Here
    • Welcome video
    • When to do your cleanse
    • Sankalpa worksheet
    • Ingredients list w/ affiliate links
    • Recipes
  • Preparation Phase
    • Video
      • Why preparation phase
      • What to do these days
    • Prep worksheet
  • Cleanse Phase
    • Video
      • Why cleanse
      • What to do these days
      • How to do the 4th day purge – separate video?
      • Purge instructions sheet (or just cover it on video?)
  • Integration phase
    • Video
      • Why integration phase
      • What to do these days
      • Upsell offer
  • Rejuvenation month
    • Video
      • Why rejuvenation
      • What to do
      • Upsell offer