Free Resources

I’ll keep sharing free resources here to help you get a jumpstart on rebuilding your vitality and creating real change in your health.

Tired All the Time? Which Dosha is Causing It?

Which of your dosha is out of balance and creating your experience of low energy? Is vata, pitta and/or kapha responsible for your fatigue—or is it something else? Find out in this free personal assessment…

How to Get Clear on Your Priorities

If you haven’t clearly (and I mean VERY clearly–in detail) identified vitality as a top priority in your life TODAY, you’re going to have a heck of a hard time creating real change to feel more vitalized.

Until you’re very clear that it IS a priority, an endless list of other things will pile atop of your good intentions to take better care of yourself.  And that list has probably already piled atop of those good intentions already today.

Take a look here for my popular Woman, Get Clear on Your Priorities! worksheet. Find out if your health–emotional, mental, physical, spiritual–is a true top priority in your life.

(And, hey, maybe it isn’t, and that’s ok. Then it’s time to prioritize self-compassion…)