Want Free Ayurveda Coaching?

Today’s Energy Feed is something special—a special offer, that is.

I’m celebrating my recent relocation to a place that supports my prakruti (unique original nature) and settles my vikruti (unique imbalances). It’s a place with more prana (life force) than where I was previously that offers more support for my health overall, where I naturally have more energy every day.

And my celebration to this beautiful place—Asheville, North Carolina, by the way—entails some free Ayurvedic health coaching for YOU, if you’re also serious about having more energy every day and reforming your health overall.

Note: you DON’T have to be located in Asheville to get this special offer. (If you are, that’s a bonus.)

Want to know to qualify for this free Ayurvedic coaching?  Take a look at my latest Energy Feed video for details…


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