Energy-Boosting Foods—Cut through the Superfoods Hype

Save your money. All the high-dollar, big-hype superfoods or energy-boosting foods out there AREN’T going to cure your fatigue.

There’s a lot of information out there about what to eat to boost your energy and increase your health overall.

What to Eat—Not So Important?

I want to cut through the racket, with this: WHAT you eat is not the most logical starting place to rebuild your energy if you’ve been feeling run down or all-out exhausted.

There is so much focus on WHAT to eat in our culture.  And food is important to health, of course.

But I want to focus on something that is even more fundamental, more FOUNDATIONAL, than what to eat.

When you re-form your health from the foundations up, everything built on top of that foundation is going to be more aligned toward health, so the foundations are where I prefer to start.

Meanwhile, what you eat is somewhere at a middle to lower level in the building blocks of your health.

If you want to start at the ground level, first start focusing on WHEN you eat.

When to Eat?

The “when” of eating if you want to rebuild your energy and increase your capacity for health overall, are three meals a day, with no snacks in between.

Once you’ve got that down, begin to eat your largest meal at lunch and a lighter dinner.

Then, you begin to move your dinnertime to earlier in the evening, aiming to finish by about 6 p.m. or sunset, depending on your location.

The Real Superfood Is So Simple

Once you’ve got those steps in place, you’re ready to build up to thinking about what to eat.

And we’ll start with the basics of this.  It’s so simple: Cut processed or ready-made foods out of your diet, turning more and more to fresh, whole foods — fresh veggies, fresh fruit, fresh dairy, fresh meats and seafood, plus grains and spices.

In my opinion, and in Ayurveda itself, those fresh, whole foods ARE the superfoods, because they’re full of vitamins, minerals, healthy gut bacteria-builders and what is known as prana in Ayurveda and yoga — which means life force.

When you’ve got these foundational steps in place, your superfood supplements, smoothies and such are going to go a whole lot further for you.

In part, that’s because your body is going to be digesting those superfoods and assimilating the nutrients from them much more effectively when you have strengthened your metabolism and stabilized your blood sugar.  In other words, you have strong foundations of wellness, aligned with nature and superb health.

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