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Your Personal Rejuvenation Plan

A Personal Rejuvenation Plan is a step-by-step guide to key Ayurvedic practices, specifically created for YOU by me, Lisa Bailey, Ayurveda Health Coach and founder of Gharmya.

This tailored Ayurvedic plan takes you beyond the group cleanse into an individual level of self-care. It addresses your very specific needs so you can create your greatest health.

How It Works

You’ll answer some key questions for Lisa to help her understand what your particular needs are.

From there she’ll map out a personal Ayurvedic plan for the one-month (bonus!) Rejuvenation phase of your cleanse program. It will include specific yoga, breathwork, meditation, journaling, dietary or other practices to help you ease imbalances in your body at all levels and naturally build your vitality.

With this insight into you, Lisa can also more personally respond to your questions or specific needs in the Facebook group, as they arise.

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