Brain Fog—3 Steps to Clear It Out

Has your thinking gone a bit too soft around the edges?

In today’s “Energy Feed” you’re going to learn how to burn through your brain fog, which you may experience as scattered thoughts, lagging memory, weak focus or lack of concentration.

What is brain fog?

Brain fog is when your thoughts feel dispersed and difficult to grab onto; the memory is sluggish; you can’t concentrate fully or for very long; and/or your thoughts simply don’t easily penetrate the task at hand.

If your brain has been foggy, what you want is to reverse those conditions—to gather your thoughts, be able to focus and mentally penetrate a task from start to finish, to have easy recall of details.

How to Burn Through the Brain Fog

In the “Energy Feed” above I go into detail of these simple steps to take to burn through your brain fog.

#1. Complete Yogic Breath

This simple, powerful practice has an immediate effect and a long-term cumulative effect. Why? For one, you’ll be getting more oxygen to your brain.

You’ll also be activating your parasympathetic nervous system with these nasal breaths, which heals the impairment of your nervous system that occurs through the repetitive stress responses that your body undergoes in your daily life.

This breath practice also works to clear the nadis (the energy channels) and centralizes the mind.

#2. Stop Snacking.

That’s right. Stop snacking between your meals. Also give yourself at least 12 hours of fasting time overnight (between dinner and breakfast).

This allows your body—on all levels, including the cognitive/mental—enough time to clear out the gunk from its channels (digestive, neural, circulatory, energetic) during these between-meal fasting hours.

#3. Gotu Kola

Gotu kola—also known as brahmi—is an herb that very specifically calms vata in the mind, which causes that mental spaciness you’re experiences. It improves concentration, strengthens memory and increases alertness.

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