Always Tired? Here’s WHY You’re So Exhausted

Are you feeling tired a lot of the time?

Low energy is a crucial signal of health imbalance.

Something dire is happening at the foundational levels of your health when you regularly wake up feeling tired, have noticeable energy lows throughout the day, aren’t able to get a good night’s sleep or have trouble staying focused on tasks.

These symptoms are signals from your body to PAY ATTENTION and do something to prevent further imbalance to reestablish your health.

Our body is programmed to run in cycles—biorhythms. If you’re feeling tired a lot of the time, your natural biorhythms are probably off-beat, so you’re living out of sync with your own natural vitality.

When your biorhythms are off-beat, this means the foundations of your health are off-kilter, too.

Here are some examples of how your biorhythms might be off:

  1. Your metabolic biorhythm is overturned. Meaning that (due to lifestyle habits) your body has been de-programmed from its natural 2-step metabolic rhythm of burning sugar for energy first, and then reaching into the body’s natural fat stores to burn that fat for long-lasting, stable energy through the whole day.
  2. Your blood sugar metabolic rhythm is off, so you experience energy crashes because your blood sugar crashes.
  3. Your sleep rhythm is off-sync because you miss a critical portion of the most rejuvenative sleep your body can get, which occurs in the first half of the night.

Watch the short video above to learn more about how YOUR off-sync biorhythms may be causing you to feel much more tired than is natural. It’s the first episode in a series of “Energy Feeds” I’ll be releasing twice a week.

Each “Energy Feed” video will offer simple, practical tips to help you rejuvenate and maintain a strong energy in your body, based in Ayurvedic wisdom and modern body knowledge.

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