Adrenal Fatigue Treatment with Ayurveda

Do you have adrenal fatigue?

The answer may be “yes” if you…

  • have low or no energy on a regular basis;
  • can’t easily or full concentrate;
  • crave sweets;
  • are addicted to caffeine;
  • lack sex drive;
  • experience high or low blood sugar.

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What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenaline is a stress response — fight, flight or freeze — intended by nature for somewhat rare emergency situations. Think: a burst of strength and acuity while running and hurling a spear at prey. Or a burst of incredible speed in escaping a predator.

In our unnatural society, that stress response is triggered and compounded multiple times a day—when you’re on the road, when you’re on a deadline, when you’re rushing to get the kids or yourself out the door each morning, when you’re working against your body’s natural biorhythms by staying up late at night, and the list goes on and on.

The adrenals become overworked by producing all of that adrenaline, and eventually they become fatigued. You end up fatigued, as well, with lagging vitality, lagging brain power and addictions to sweets or caffeine for the short-term sense of feeling more energized.

One of the big challenges of overcoming adrenal fatigue is that it takes effort to overcome it, which is why I recommend a step-by-step approach—i.e., not trying to do make a lot of changes at once.

Keep that in mind as I explain an Ayurvedic approach to recovering from adrenal fatigue.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Stop drinking caffeine. It further stimulates your adrenals so your body goes into even more of a stress-fighting response. The caffeine temporarily perks up, sensitizes and activates you, but ultimately it is just further exhausting the adrenals, so you’re making the underlying problem WORSE.
  2. Have a rhythm in your day. Your body is biologically, wonderfully designed to RELAX into natural rhythms.Wake early, at the same time each day. Go to sleep early, at the same time each day.  And in between those bookends of your day, eat three meals around the same time each day, with no snacking or grazing in between.
  3. Take ashwagandha. This is an adaptogenic herb, which means it adapts to help your body cope with stress and exhaustion as you need it. It supports healthy adrenal function without STIMULATING the adrenals, which would just create further adrenal exhaustion. Click here to purchase this herb.
  4. Massage yourself. This is an excellent practice that will instantly rejuvenate you, and doing it regularly helps to build long-term resilience to stress in your body without your adrenal glands having to kick into overdrive. Check out my video at this link to learn how to self-massage.

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