Welcome to 12 Days for Self Care

Alright! You’re in. 🙂

And I’m so happy you’ve made the decision to join 12 Days for Self Care: A Cleanse for Rejuvenation.

Realize it or not, you’ve just taken a major step into transforming your life.

We’ll be spending several weeks together in this program – starting now, through the cleanse itself and then through the full bonus month of rejuvenation (which you’ll be well primed for after the cleanse).

You’ll soon receive an email with your log-in information to your 12 Days member vault.


There are three crucial steps for you to take so you can get the VERY MOST of our work together…


STEP #1:  Join the conversation…

Click here to join the Gharmya circle, our Facebook group of other soulful women supporting each other as we take their health—and lives overall—to the next level…

(I’m there, too. And it’s where you’ll get all the guidance and support you need!)


STEP #2: Tell us your start date…

As soon as you’re in the Facebook group, do this:

Introduce yourself, and tell us which date you’ll be starting your 12 Days for Self Care—meaning, Day 1 of the prep phase. (Find others starting the same day as you—you’ll be in good company!)

Be sure to add the program dates—for the Preparation, Cleanse and Integration phases—to your calendar. Prioritize these 12 days to offer loving care to yourself!


STEP #3: And ask a question…

In that same intro post in the Facebook group, let us know what your biggest question about this cleanse program is, or the biggest challenge you think you’ll face in completing it.

And I’m gonna make this really easy on you. To complete steps #2 and #3, just fill in the blanks below and paste it in the Facebook group!

“I’ll be starting my 12 Days for Self Care on               , and my biggest question about/challenge right now is               …”

(I’ve studied the people who have had the greatest results in my programs, and these were common action steps they all took. They committed to a start date, then proactively reached out for answers and support.)

And that’s it! (Then go check your email for log-in details for the 12 Days for Self Care member vault.)

See you soon!